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Rich Questions in Coaching

“Rich questions demand rich answers, which are unfamiliar and sometimes even unexpected”

NLP in Training

How can NLP help to design and run a course that has a positive result for everyone – including you, the trainer? Deni Lyall outlines the processes, gives plentiful advice and shares her personal experiences.

Facilitation: more than a process

Facilitation requires attention to five key aspects if it is to deliver actual results which are taken forwards by the group.

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Welcome to my website. Having worked for Mars for 14yrs and now for myself, at Winning Performance associates Ltd, for over 10 years I have a wealth of experience in coaching, management development and business facilitation. This has been built upon actual breadth and depth of business competence coupled with a significant understanding of people through experience and diverse professional development such as NLP Master Practitioner, Motivational Profiling and various coaching/ training programmes.

I have worked for many different industries within the Corporate, Public and ‘not for profit’ Sectors, each with their own cultural nuances and business focuses to be respectful of. And within that, each function/ team develops its way of doing business to deliver what is required which needs to be taken into account. And within that, there are people at every level of the organisation, many of whom I have worked with, striving to be valued and to work towards a meaningful purpose. Working with clients in America, EMEA and Latin America has added yet another dimension.

Having completed my electrical engineering degree at Imperial College, London, I went on to join Mars. During this time I worked predominantly within operations, managing different teams such as production, quality and L&D. Not only did I gain a wealth of understanding through managing people, I also coached, trained and facilitated individuals and teams (dept & project). This has brought a ‘real-ness’ to my style, which people find refreshing, as well as thought-provoking and inspirational. It brings a ‘real-ness’ to the coaching conversations and training workshops where my focus is on developing competency and a change in actual outcomes, be that at work or elsewhere within someone’s life.

From thousands of hours of coaching, training and facilitation, I have developed and embedded my own thinking around the richness of information I have gained from real situations, various workshops, colleagues and a profuse reading habit. I find that it allows me to work with the tension between the genuine person /people I am with and the outcome that they wish to achieve, in a way where it is safe to explore that and to make progress on it.

Running a coaching practice group, writing articles, supervising other coaches and mentoring a number of fledgling freelancers helps me to maintain an outward looking stance where I can both learn and be generous to others.