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Rich Questions in Coaching

�Rich questions demand rich answers, which are unfamiliar and sometimes even unexpected�

NLP in Training

How can NLP help to design and run a course that has a positive result for everyone � including you, the trainer? Deni Lyall outlines the processes, gives plentiful advice and shares her personal experiences.

Facilitation: more than a process

Facilitation requires attention to five key aspects if it is to deliver actual results which are taken forwards by the group.

Recommended Books


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I frequently recommend these books to others. I hope you enjoy reading the ones that you choose.

The five dysfunctions of a team
First break all the rules
The leadership challenge
Leadership from the inside out
Zapp! The lightning of empowerment

The seven day weekend
Defeat into victory

The speed of trust
Why business people speak like idiots
Flawless Execution

The pathfinder
Great answers to tough interview questions

Fierce conversations
The big book of flipcharts
The skilled facilitator fieldbook

Presenting to win

NLP at work
Thinking styles
Words that change minds

The inner game of tennis
Strangers to ourselves

Coaching for performance
Solution focussed coaching
Excellence in coaching
The psychology of executive coaching

Clean language
Time to think
Patrick Lencioni
Marcus Buckingham
Kouzes & Posner
Kevin Cashman
William C Byham

Ricardo Semler
Ricardo Semler
Sir William Slim

Stephen M R Covey
B Fugere, C Hardaway, J Warshawsky
James Murphy

Nicholas Lore
Martin John Yate

Susan Scott
Robert William Lucas
Roger Schwarz, Anne Davidson

Jerry Weissman

Sue Knight
Fiona Beddoes-Jones
Shelle Rose Charvet

W Timothy Gallwey
Timothy Wilson

John Whitmore
Jane Greene, Anthony Grant
Association of Coaching
Bruce Peltier

Wendy Sullivan, Judy Rees
Nancy Kline